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Plant - Insecticide


Plant insecticide for amateur gardens. Emulsion, sticks to the leaves. Vermin destroys itself by eating the product. 

  • Information

    RIEM PLANT-INSECTICIDE for amateur gardens.

    Insecticide aerosol (AE) for the treatment of ornamental plants, flowers and house-plants in fresh air or under glass. It controls all insects, parasites and vermin.

    RIEM PLANT-INSECTICIDE contains pure pyrethrum which is a natural and effective insecticide.

  • Directions for use

    • Shake well before use.
    • Spray at about 30 cm from the plants and use immediately this product when parasites appear.
    • If necessary, start the treatment afresh after a few days.


    Complete product info on backside of aerosol

  • Informatie

    Contains : 0,1 % pyrethrins and 0,8 % piperonyl butoxyde.

    Licence number Boards of Agriculture : Belgium 6441G/B - Grand Duchy of Luxemburg 00899-068.

  • Packaging

    Aerosol contains 400 ml net.

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