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Universal polish, for all coachworks metal or polyester - chrome - leather - upholstery, etc. 

Product lining : Technical use

Place : Garage

Surface : Leather, Metal, Plastic

Action : Shine

  • Information

    RIEM CAR-POLISH is a universal product. Can be used on any surfaces to be polished. Ex. Coachworks made of sheet-metal or polyester, enameled surfaces, chrome, leather, upholstery, etc...

    Also recommended for removing and cleaning spots of tar on coachworks. Contains components which assure a long-term protection.

  • Directions for use

    • Shake well before use.
    • First, wash your car.
    • Spray at about 30 cm distance on well dried surfaces.
    • Spread and polish with a rag or a polish cotton wool.


    Complete product info on backside of aerosol

  • Packaging

    Aerosol contains 400 ml net.

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