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Easy ironing. Supple and light. 

Product lining : Household use

Place : Laundry room, bathroom, toilets

Surface : Textile

Action : Easy ironing

  • Information

    RIEM STARCH EASY IRONING is ready for use and most effective against creasing and rumpling of clothing. No need any more to damp the linen, this product is sufficient.

    The flat-iron never sticks and perfectly slides during ironing.

    RIEM STARCH EASY IRONING is suitable to all natural and synthetic fabrics.

    Protect from frost.

  • Directions for use

    • Shake before use.
    • Keep the can as upright as possible.
    • Spray on the linen at about 20 cm.
    • Take care to regulate the temperature of the iron according to the treated linen, during ironing.


    Complete product info on backside of aerosol

  • Packaging

    Aerosol contains 400 ml net.

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