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Ti-Tox Total

250ml - 400ml

ref. 03 & 04

Insecticide flying and crawling

Use during the whole year !

Product lining : Insecticides and plants

Place : Laundry room, bathroom, toilets, Bedroom, Kitchen, Garage, Garden, outdoors, Living room

Surface : Insects

Action : Insecticide

  • Flying

    Flies, mosquitoes, wasps … : spray during 2 seconds per 10 m³ room content.

  • Crawling

    Cockroaches: spray the surfaces to treat during 4 seconds from a distance of 30 cm. Do not clean the surface after spraying.

    Ants and spiders: spray directly on the insects (during 2 seconds, maximum).

  • Anti-moths

    Spray once a week in the corners of the wardrobe. Does not stain on clothes.

  • Bedbug

    Treat mattress and bed base. After 6 hours, ventilate the room well and use the vacuum-cleaner on the treated surfaces. Does not cause stains on textiles. (Maximum 4 seconds per treatment and per week).

  • Lice

    Lice in the environment of pets: treat doghouses, baskets, cushions, aviaries and cages that are used by the animal. Never use this product on animals.

    (Maximum 4 seconds per treatment and per week)

  • Directions for use

    • Shake before use.
    • Spray.


    Complete product info on backside of aerosol

  • Information

    Permission number Belgian Ministry of Public Health 9717B.

    Contains 1R-trans phenothrin (CAS 26046-85-5) 0,312%, d-trans tetramethrin (CAS 1166-46-7) 0,141%

    Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

  • Packaging

    Available in aerosol 250 ml net and 400 ml net.

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