Contract filling

You are looking for a business partner for contract filling of aerosols?

We offer our know-how in creating and filling aerosols at your own brand.

As contract fillers, we have developed specific formulas that can be used and adapted according to your wishes (see list hereunder).
We also can elaborate personal formulas for your brand or we can work with an existing formula (based on a sample provided by you).

We can fill aerosols from 150 ml up to 750 ml.

You have a project? Please contact us so that we can discuss it.

Hereunder we have listed all the formulas that are immediately available at your brand.

Surface care & deodorants

  • Furniture Polish
  • Carpet and arm-chairs cleaner

  • Window cleaner

  • Waterproof fabrics and leather

  • Pre-washing stain-remover for fabrics

  • Starch / ironing help

  • Multi-surface cleaner

  • Furniture wax

  • LCD cleaner

  • Oven degreaser (without caustic soda)

  • Leather care

  • Oven cleaner (without caustic soda)

  • Stainless steel cleaner/polish

  • Barbecue cleaner (without caustic soda)

  • Air refresher (water or alcohol base)

  • Textile deodorant

Technical use

  • Lubricating oil

  • PTFE lubricant

  • Lubricant moly (MoS2)

  • Lubricant silicone

  • Dry ceramic lubricant (BN + PTFE)

  • Penetrating oil

  • Penetrating oil moly (MoS2)

  • Penetrating oil ceramic (BN)

  • Cutting oil

  • Degreaser

  • Degreaser + Lubricant for cutting tools

  • Contact cleaner

  • Marine grease

  • White grease

Car & Motorbikes

  • Brake cleaner

  • Wax polish

  • Plastic renewer

  • Cockpit / plastic polish (with or without silicone)

  • Cleaner for seats & fabrics

  • Leather cleaner

  • Defroster windshields

  • Insect remover

Fine arts: Varnish and plasticizer (glossy, mat, satin and possible to retouch)

Cosmetic: hairspray

Insecticides and plants 

  • Leaf shine (solvent or water base)
  • NB : As far as insecticides (flying and crawling) are concerned, we only work on base of formulas and authorizations of your own brand.



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