It all started in 1963 when Emile NICOLETTI, who was a sales representative, decided to begin his own business. He strongly believed in a wonderful device : the aerosol. So he started with his first aerosol : "RIEM GLASS", a product for cleaning all glass surfaces that still exists in our current range of products under the name "RIEM WINDOWS" (Ref.: 07). At the same time, some national and international firms shyly brought the first insecticides and hairsprays in aerosol on the market. The firm started selling products in aerosols of the brand RIEM. At the time, the products were conceived and filled by a Dutch manufacturer and only 3 or 4 persons were working for GROUP RIEM.

Since, we still go on with our activities in the area of aerosols for household and technical use, insecticides and for plant care while permanently improving our know-how in the field of research and development of our products.


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