Data protection and respect for private life

From 25th May 2018, the new European law about data protection and respect for private life comes into force.

Your personal data.

Your persona data will only be used for our commercial relationship, in order to treat your inquiry/ demand. We declare that we will strictly follow the European rules and the Belgian law, in this matter.

The destination of these data are:

Group RIEM sprl – Chaussée de Charleroi, 226  - 5140 Ligny (Sombreffe).
(VAT : BE 0406.790.284)

Collect and treatment of personal data.

As stated in the EC rules concerning the protection of personal data, we treat your personal data in certain situations and according to certain conditions.

  • if you give your consent;
  • if the treatment of the data is necessary to enable us to answer to your inquiry;
  • if there is a legal obligation to treat your data. 

Treatment of personal data.

We respect the EC rules concerning the treatment and keeping of personal data.

  • data that can identify you are not kept longer as necessary;
  • you are entitled to correct, suppress or block your incorrect data;
  • your data are protected as well as possible against destruction, loss, alteration or accidental or illegal divulgation.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small file text that websites save on your computer or mobile phone when you visit these sites. Cookies are frequently used to reinforce the efficiency of websites while saving your preferences. Tracking cookies are also used whereas to follow you Internet activity, while browsing, to create your user profile and send you pertinent publicity, according to your preferences. 

In conformity with EC rules, you have to give your consent, for this and you always have the possibility to deactivate or the choice to accept -or not- the use of cookies.

Right to oblivion

You are entitled to ask, via the e-mail address, the suppression or blocking of wrong data concerning yourself. This is called « right to oblivion ».

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