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300 ml - 600 ml

Pre-washing stain remover
All stains, all fabrics 
Efficient on low temperatures from 30°C

  • Information

    Pre-Wash removes easily all stains: perspiration, grease, sauce, oil, motor oil, ink, wine…

    Its formula is suitable for all types of textiles (natural or synthetic) whites and colours.

    Pre-Wash is efficient for washing at low temperature from 30°C and is complementary to your usual washing.

  • Directions for use

    • Shake before use.
    • Just spray on the stain, without rubbing.
    • Wash as usual.


    The complete product information is indicated on the backside of the aerosol.

  • Packaging

    Pre-Wash is available in aerosol of 300 ml and 600 ml.

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