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Desodair Red


Dry room deodorizer composed of odourdestructive ingredients. 

  • Information

    RIEM DESODAIR is a room deodorizer of the best quality thanks to a judicious selection of various fragrances. Formula composed of odour destructive ingredients. Dry spray, without moist spray mist.

    RIEM DESODAIR brings a sweet-smelling air in all rooms and makes disappear at the same time all odours in the atmosphere.

  • Directions for use

    • Shake before use.


    Complete product info on backside of aerosol

  • Variants

    Blue : Maloe (flowers & fruit)
    Green : Caneo (green tea / grapefruit)
    Red : Baia (red fruit)
    Neutral : specific odour destructive

  • Packaging

    Aerosol contains 300 ml net.

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