New: Eclat Modern Interior

  • Particularly suited for modern laminated furniture, stratified, metal, plastic, toughened glass… in any finish or surface colour (painted, varnished, lacquered…).
  • For modern furniture in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  • Nicely perfumed.


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New : RIEM BBQ & Grill Cleaner

  • Super active foam, especially developed for the quick and in depth cleaning of your BBQs, grills, roasters and other cooking accessories.

  • RIEM BBQ & Grill Cleaner cleans and degreases everything, even burnt greases and oils. On burnt greases, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment.

  • Without caustic soda and nicely perfumed.


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New : RIEM Anti Resin + Lubricant

  • Double action resin cleaner + lubricant, cleans and lubricates all cutting tools.
  • This product dissolves all residues of resin, sap and insects.
  • Thanks to its lubricating action, it keeps the treated tools in perfect condition of functioning.
  • The 360° valve of this aerosol can be used in any direction, upright and even upside down.


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RIEM TI-TOX TOTAL fights every kind of insects.

Flying : Flies, mosquitos, wasps, etc.

Crawling : Cockroaches, bedbug, beetles, spiders, etc.

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